Okay, in all honesty, this blog was a real pain in my ass to set up! I wouldn’t say I’m super tech savvy & all of the new blog lingo really confused the heck out of me. So I emailed, like, every company involved and then finally figured it all out myself, like the super-smart-goddess-queen that I am.

So basically, my only goal for this blog is to be my authentic self…which is also my only goal in life. (Aside from, like, making millions of dollars and being super hot and trendy and the best mom & wife ever, like the rest of you.)

All jokes aside, I’m a people person & a people pleaser. As many of you can attest to, the first time I meet someone, I spend the majority of the conversation avoiding all surface level questions and getting down to the juicy stuff. (If this was us, please leave our first interaction in the comments!) My husband likes to tell me I “don’t have a filter” & that’s how I like it. I don’t want to waste my time asking about your boring job or favorite color & I don’t want to be asked those things either! So please feel free to ask raw, unfiltered questions & expect the same of my replies!

So far, my favorite part of the blogging process has been making a list of post ideas & chuckling to myself about how basic I am & how much I love that. Topics will range from the most rudimentary (beauty hacks, duh) to “Life- Altering Experiences: A Full Series”. I will try to avoid fashion advice, aside from wearing sweats whenever possible, because last week (as seen on my Snapchat) Jordan informed me that my “home decor & cooking” were “on point”, but my outfits choices weren’t quite up to par.

In conclusion, this will basically be my live journal, with hopes of relating to every person that reads this in some form or fashion. I will also try to avoid embarrassing friends, family, my child, & strangers when at all possible! Full disclosure: there will likely be lots of wine content, some cussing, & lots of self-love!!!

If you made it this far, please comment with the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever asked you (or that you’ve witnessed) & whether you loved me or hated me for it!