Quilt made by Warner’s Great Grammy!

Before Jordan and I even found out the gender of our sweet baby, Warner, I knew I wanted a bright & cheery baby room! Our entire house is basically gray and white, so I wanted the opportunity to go wild with some color, while also not having to repaint the walls. We had a couple of goals for Warner’s nursery.

1. We wanted it to be a place he could grow into & we decided to choose a theme that we wouldn’t have to quickly change once he wasn’t a baby any longer.

2. Jordan was insistent that the space be educational; If you know Jordan at all, this will come as no surprise!

Once we had those general constraints, I started spending, like, 19 hours a day on Pinterest, only to find that there weren’t many modern, primary colored nurseries on the site that I was absolutely in love with. I found a few key ideas & just ran with those!

My Grammy ordered this on Easy for our baby shower. The woman who created it uses her own wool, hand dyes the balls, and creates these masterpieces!

The first thing I fell in love with was this vinyl wall decal alphabet. It comes in this size and a smaller version & it’s easily my favorite part of his room! It was linked to Etsy so I sent a quick pic to Jordan and he said he loved it, too. It arrived quickly & had detailed instructions on how to apply to our walls. It took Jordan close to 3 hours to get it up (perfectly measured out and centered, of course!), but it was 100% worth the time and effort, if you ask me!

The only other “project piece” in the room is the dresser. I found a bright, kelly green dresser picture online and knew I had to have something similar! If you have a little one and you’ve designed a nursery, you know baby furniture is unreasonably overpriced. I kept finding 3 foot long dressers that were hundreds of dollars before deciding I wanted a refurbished, solid wood piece.
I found this dresser on Facebook marketplace in our town. The couple selling it had a small business they ran out of their garage where they recycled furniture and resold at great prices! It was painted white and had the original hardware, which was beautiful, but not the style we were going for. Since we found it at such a low price, I asked the couple if we could pay them to repaint it the color we wanted- they agreed, and offered to deliver it, too! It turned out even better than we anticipated and we found the new drawer pulls at Lowe’s. We both love the way it turned out!

Jordan’s brother & sister-in-law built and painted the MOST beautiful toybox/bookshelf for Warner for Christmas and delivered it all the way from Dallas, TX! They have a Facebook page called “Big Tex Custom Woodworking” if you all want to check out some of his other masterpieces!

The nursery is always a work in progress! He outgrows toys and clothes so fast so I am constantly rotating them out and I always keep my eyes peeled for reasonably (aka: CHEAP) priced items to continue filling the walls with! My latest finds were the number “0-9” bunting hung above the dresser and the rainbow-colored pom poms draped over the map! Both were $3 a piece and found in the front section at my local Target, where all of the items are $1, $3, or $5!

Above Warner’s closet doors- animals heads from Target baby section!
The painting on the left was done by our friend, Jan, the “W” button art was created by my Mother-In-Love, and my baby sister, Madison, just gave Warner the “Never lose your sense of wonder” piece!

Warner can’t talk quite yet (aside from those 3 magical times he said “mama”- SWOON!!!), but I am fairly sure he loves his room as much as we do! Small Fry is always checking out the colors, shapes, and animals & he even noticed when I added the bunting and pom pom garland above his changing pad!


Jordan found this light fixture online. It came from China & took forever to arrive, but it fits PERFECTLY with the rest of the nursery!

I’ve linked as many items as I could below, but please let me know if you have questions about anything & I’ll see if my post-pregnancy brain can remember! I will be posting about my baby “must-haves” soon, but let me know some of your favorite nursery items & where they are from!

Sending love & sass, always!