Okay, so I had recipe plans for tonight, but Warner & I are both down with the flu! Instead, I’m going to share some of my very favorite items that cost $20 or less- many of which I’ve used while under the weather.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I’d rather not spend much of Jordan’s hard earned dollas on quality items that I am able to find MUCH cheaper! Most of the items I came up with have a super pricey, name brand dupe- like these:

  • Ombre Tassel Earrings; HOW TRENDY AM I?!?! I’ve been drooling over some tassel earrings for months, but no way was I about to spend more than $20 on a pair (or 7). They are so cute, lightweight, & everyone who is anyone is wearing them this year. As I was browsing images, I came across a pair of designer earrings that look exactly the same, for almost $500?! Like, no, it’s some thread, sis! (Oscar de la Renta, I’m looking at you, honey!)
I found these bad boys on Walmart.com, but I found a super cute, bright colored pair for $5 that I linked at the end of this post!
  • This next item I basically live in since I am currently a stay at home mom. These 90 Degrees Leggings by Reflex are soft, thick, & stretchy and my, now, extra wide mom hips still slide smoothly into my pre-baby size. (I know they are leggings, but don’t tell me you haven’t had a pair that got too snug and then you could see your skin, or secret tattoo, through them when you tried to keep wearing them after you gained some lbs!) I buy mine at TJMaxx, where they have tons of colors, for $16.99, which is half the price they are on their website!


  • This won’t be helpful if you have anything but an iPhone, but Jordan and I LOVE our 9 foot Nylon iPhone Chargers! They are super cheap & durable and we ordered a couple of extra to keep in the living room and kitchen since we are to lazy to walk 15 steps to the bedroom and unplug them from the wall! Plus, they come in lots of colors so if someone loses theirs you can’t steal each others, how great is that?! (Anyone that has been to a sleepover knows what I’m talking about- I’ve been left with the shitty, broken charger one too many times!)


  • If you’ve been to my house, you’ve seen my red cup. I carry around my 32 oz. Hydr-8 Water Jug and chug water nonstop. This could be because I have Polycystic Kidney Disease or because good ol’ Randy (my dad) forced hydration on me as a child/teen playing sports. Either way, I stay hydrated & the water is always nice & cold! I have 3 that I rotate…. monthly. I get blasted by my husband because I rarely wash these, even though I have 3 that I NEEDED so I could wash them more; it’s a vicious cycle. Anyways, you all need these ASAP, especially if one of your resolutions is to drink more water! 
  • My next trendy item is this Letterboard I bought at Walmart for $9! I use it for seasonal Pinterest quotes, Warner’s monthly pictures, & other home photoshoots (as seen below!) It comes with tons of letters/punctuation/numbers and is just a nice item to have on hand, even if it’s not displayed or used that often!
Warner’s first time meeting Santa was SUPER memorable!
  • Another thing I get blasted for is spending too much on home fragrances, which is 100% accurate! I have so many wall plug ins, room sprays, and candles & can’t help myself when I get a Bath & Body Works sale email or coupon. While I love their seasonal smells & crisp scents, I don’t love their candles! I think they burn WAY too fast & aren’t worth the high prices, even when half off. Yankee Candles are my absolute go to for quality candles & I always purchase them at TJMaxx/Homegoods/Marshalls. The large candles are typically $12.99 and burn forever… or something like 150 hours! My newest scent is Kilimanjaro Stars & it is the perfect home-y smell!

  • My Grammy got us these Onion Goggles and, I know you’re probably skeptical because there are SO many onion tricks that don’t work, but these things are MAGICAL! Seriously, I always start cutting an onion & think I will be able to tough it out, but after blindly feeling my way to a chair to recover, I end up putting the goggles on for relief while I finish chopping. These are the perfect wedding shower gift or stocking stuffer, too!
  • Burts Bees has always been my number one, but this Blistex Conditioning Lip Serum is EVERYTHING! I was one of the kids with a dry, crusty, red circle around my lips growing up. I have naturally very dry skin, especially in the cooler months & this stuff is heaven-sent. I can physically feel my lips becoming more luscious and moist as I put it on. This is a nice “aw, just because” gift for all of you lovers out there that have a chapped significant other & the basic chapstick isn’t cutting it! Thank me later 😉


  • These Scrub Daddy sponges were a Top 10 List Recommendation from my brother-in-law & husband. 1. HOW NICE THAT THEY DO THE DISHES! Can I get a round of applause from all of the ladies out there?! 2. They both raved about how much more sanitary they felt than the typical sponge. Jordan even announced a fun fact about them; the Scrub Daddy is the most successful invention to ever come from the show Shark Tank! Buy these for the real man in your life that ain’t scared of a little housework, sista! 

  • I saved the best, most necessary item for last! I will forever rave about my Bucky Eye Mask. I finally got one for Jordan because he kept wanting to use mine. I actually just had to buy myself a new one because my face had literally worn through the fabric of the first one. Y’all, the Bucky is not like any other eye mask. It has little poofy areas above each eye so NOTHING TOUCHES YOUR LIDS! We both sleep with these on every night. If you’re like me, I can’t sleep with even a sliver of light. I will bother Jordan until every tiny TV light, alarm clock, & charging station light has been covered with duck tape because “I can’t sleep, it’s literally blinding me, it’s shining right in my eyes!!!!!”… We take them everywhere we go & I should probably order more for the guest bedrooms or backup in case one of ours goes missing!


Please, please, PLEASE share your favorite items under $20 with me in the comments! If I can get it on Amazon Prime, you get bonus points!

As always, thanks for humoring me & reading my, much too wordy, posts!


Love & Sass,