Okay, so aside from the classic social media apps (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), I have found a few other apps that make my life SO much easier/more fun! The six apps listed below are all free to download and cover a variety of my needs! Ive included what the logo looks like above each app to help y’all out because that app store is flooded with trash apps, too.
  • Free Prints– So, as many of you are aware, I am a printed picture addict. I think this stems from my mom passing away when my sisters and I were all so young (which I mentioned in my last post). We cling to the videos, pictures, clothing, & journals that she left behind; but there are only a finite number of these things. I wish there were so many pictures of her that it would take years to view them all, but there aren’t. For this reason, I make sure there are THOUSANDS of printed pictures (also backed up in 3 different places) of my friends, family, my son, & my husband and I. I know that is pretty morbid, but it’s the truth! As you’re all aware, printing pictures can get pricey. I used Shutterfly for a long time, but new obsession is much cheaper. My very favorite app for printing is Free Prints. Every month, it gives you 85 free prints. I almost always go over this number, but even the extra prints are still cheaper than anywhere else I’ve found, plus the quality, shipping cost (always $9.99, no matter how many photos), and shipping time are all incredible!

  • Snapseed– I know you’re dying to know how I create such beautiful photographs on the reg. First, I love my iPhone X & am sooooo impressed with the camera on it! Next, my NWA bff introduced me to Marianna Hewitt, a blogger/YouTuber, on Instagram. Marianna has a YouTube channel where she talked about photo editing. She did a quick tutorial on the Snapseed app & I downloaded it right away. It has quickly become the only photo editing app I use, as it has SO many tools all in one place. Even better; IT IS FREE Y’ALL! I had to play around with it for awhile to figure out what all the tools did, but it was well worth my time. My favorite features are Curve, White Balance, Glamour Glow, and Healing. All of my blog pictures are edited using mainly this app. Let me know if you have questions or you’re interested in a quick tutorial & I’ll try to help!

Photo Editing Honorable Mentions: PicFX, VSCO, ABM (A Beautiful Mess), and ColorStory!

  • The Wonder Weeks– since getting pregnant, I have joined, probably, 10-12 Facebook groups on topics including: Gastroschisis, Breastfeeding/Pumping, Blogging, and just general “New Moms” info. When Warner was experiencing a particularly fussy period, I posted in one of my moms groups and asked what the issue could be. Multiple other mothers recommended “The Wonder Weeks” app. I downloaded right away & low and behold, the app called out a myriad of developmental milestones, realizations, and leaps that Warner was likely currently experiencing & the reactions of all of them. It has really helped me be more understanding of his “off” days knowing that he might be more tired, grouchy, or active depending on what he is “growing” through during that time frame. I highly suggest this app! PSA: This is not a replacement for calling the pediatrician if something seems off/different. I still always call if anything seems to be hurting or uncomfortable just to be 1000% sure I don’t need to take him in!

  • Ibotta– This a tried & true favorite. There are a lot of apps that give you cash/gift cards back, but Ibotta typically has the most products that I already use and at OVER 300 RETAILERS including grocery, dollar stores, clothing stores, restaurants, gas stations, craft stores, etc. Plus, they offer cash or a chosen gift card, rather than points or something. You can totally use this to plan out your grocery list and get more cash or gift cards back, but I almost always just go in and check the items I already purchased because I am a brand person! You have to have at least $20 to redeem, but that is reached quickly & it’s done purchasing items you already needed in the first place! If you don’t already have this one downloaded, use my code “naoitmo” when you sign up!

  • Walmart Grocery App- If you follow me on Snapchat (also MrsSarahFry), you already know what’s up!  I love the Walmart Grocery app SO much and I use Walmart Pickup WEEKLY! Aside from being lazy, I don’t have any urge to go inside a grocery store during the cooler winter months when the flu is rampant. All you do is download the app, choose the closest or most convent store near you (that offers pickup), and create your shopping list. There is usually a minimum dollar spend that must be met (mine is $30). Then you choose a time and pickup date. Once you arrive, park in the designated parking area, call the number on the sign, and wait for your order to be rolled out and put into your car. You literally do not have to do a damn thing & I AM HERE FOR IT. Plus, I always get a goodie bag with a treat, sometimes a gift card, and an energy drink for using the app. (Friends have reported this is not always the case, so don’t count on it, but be excited if you receive one- quite possible I get one due to my good looks & charming personality 😉 I have a $10 off code with your name on it (new users, only!)  if you want to give it a shot: http://r.wmt.co/hPhOO

  • Vivino– Last, but far from least, is the Vivino app. My father-in-law introduced me to this after they went to Italy this past summer. There is a website, too, but the app is FIRE! You can use the app to take a picture of any wine label and it will give you tons of information about each wine. This includes: average price, average rating, reviews from other wine drinkers, perfect pairings, ranking (out of all the wines in the world and wines from its’ specific region) type of grape(s) used, and other comparable wines! It’s seriously such a lifesaver because I don’t have a super broad knowledge of wine, I don’t want to overspend, and it’s always cool to see what other people have to say about a product before you buy it! You can also save your favorite wines and the app will use this information to form a “Taste Profile” for you and recommend other regional styles to explore. If you download one of these apps I mentioned (you should download all of them), let it be this one!


  • Poshmark– HOW COULD I FORGET?!?! Okay, after I finished my 6 favorite apps, I realized I hadn’t included Poshmark. This is a super popular money-making app where anyone can buy and/or sell Men’s, Women’s, or Children’s clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, makeup, etc. It is, typically, great for really trendy items or high quality, high priced items. You can filter to “new with tags” if you’re only interested in brand new items; one of my favorite features!
    One of my bffs, that I met at my first corporate job in Northwest Arkansas, was able to quit and sell full time; she made OVER 6 figs last year with her fashion reselling business, & Poshmark (& her 24/7 ass-busting self) are to thank! Check her out @TheDealQueen on Instagram and “alvictoria” on the Poshmark app to see her dreamy closet.
    She introduced me to the app back in 2013, and while I’ve never made that much money, I was able to sell my items that I didn’t wear anymore and make some quality cash! I also buy TONS of stuff on the app; my favorite categories being shoes &, now, baby items! The prices are insane!
    Before you get too worried, Poshmark customer service is 5 stars & they authenticate luxury brand items and work with you if you receive an item that wasn’t 100% fitting the description! This is a hidden gem for literally anyone- use my code MRSSARAHFRY for $5 off your first purchase!

It was actually sort of difficult to narrow down my favorite apps because I live on my phone and use so many, but I hope you like these as much as I do! Let me know your favorite apps in the comments- especially baby or drinking related and anything that sends me money fo’ free.

Love & MORE sass,