In November, Jordan surprised me with this roomy, practical, beautiful “mom tote” & I am in love with it! It is the Coach Market Tote in black leather with the true red liner & gold hardware. I am the biggest Coach fan- I think the quality is sooo fantastic, the prices are pretty reasonable (for the quality; I know they aren’t cheap), & the leather is supple AF. Side note: This is the first time I’ve ever used the word “supple” in my writing & I am digging it.
I see bloggers post about this topic a lot & know many of them are probably curated to look flawless & savvy. I absolutely staged my featured image with the flowers on the chair, but the cat jumping up was an added bonus. My purse is an abomination compared those and I figure the ACTUAL contents of my bag are more relatable & necessary for my life. I think you’ll be shocked at how many items I am able to fit. Keep in mind, I typically leave the baby bag in the car unless I plan to be somewhere for awhile & I just throw a diaper in the bag!
Overhead view (with lipstick bag removed) to show how I organize!
  • 2 squashed AF granola bars in case I’m STARVING TO DEATH
  • An Array of Medications:
    • Celexa for my more-than-slightly occasional crippling anxiety
    • Lisonopril to keep my blood pressure under control with my kidney disease & my panicky personality
    • Omeprozole because I’ve had the worst effin’ reflux since getting pregnant with Warner
    • Also available- Pepcid, Zantac, and Tums for emergency situations and to pass out to other sufferers
    • Zofran & Phenergan because I still get nausea even 8 months after childbirth
  • 3 packs of different gum
  • Smelly old milk bottle that I forgot to take out
  • Wallet, duh?! (Fully loaded with empty gift cards, receipts, loads of change, & no cash)
  • Tampons- really annoyed I ever had to get my period again after birthing a child, but whatever….
  • 2 Walmart & 1 Target receipts that I keep meaning to scan into Ibotta and Walmart Savings catcher and now they are too old
  • Bag of lipstick with almost every lipstick, chapstick, and liner I own. No idea why I don’t just carry the one I’m wearing that day….in case of emergency (ICE)?
  • 2 pairs of sunglasses. The aviators don’t get stuck in my hair so I keep them as a backup/headband
  • Tiny brush to keep my mane flawless
  • Baby Mum-Mums in case Warner loses his cool & I need snacks to bribe him with in public
  • Pacifier with clip in case Warner drops his and we have to burn it because of germs
  • Johnson’s Baby Hand & Face Wipes – I love the smell & love when Warner doesn’t feel sticky… win/win
  • A lone baby sock
  • Hand Sanitizer- again, burn anything with germs & NICU grad baby
  • Baby First Telephone from Warner’s Mimi that I forgot to take out after our road trip to Dallas
  • 2 Writing Pens for signing million dollar contracts
  • Baby Spoon ICE
  • Jeep Key
  • My favorite Blistex Conditioning Lip Serum

There is literally no trash or unused item in this bag because I cleaned it out last week. Although there was a dead leaf from my photoshoot 😉

It honestly doesn’t look like that much once I get it all laid out… anyone else agree?

These are some of my favorite purse items (including the purse!!!) – linked in case you’re interested!

Please leave comments:

  • complimenting me about how strong I am for carrying all of this, how prepared I am, & how I managed to get so many items in one tote
  • other things I should try to fit in the bag
  • suggestions on what could be left at home
  • your most useful purse items

LOVE & SASS, Sarah