Ugh, how over the back-&-forth cold weather are you guys?! I am in Arkansas & I am SO ready for it to stay above 60 degrees during the daylight hours! Small Fry & I have the best days when we get to sit in the backyard and play or take walks around the neighborhood. While I do love staying home with him, we both get terribly bored cooped up in the house day in & day out!

We were invited to a “Get to Know Your Neighbors” get together last night and asked to bring an appetizer. Since it was a high of 65, I knew I definitely wanted to bring something to get everyone excited for SPRING!!!

It was the perfect coincidence that I had also partnered with Coffee-mate this month and their delicious Nestlé® Coffee-mate® The Cheesecake Factory At Home creamers! I had a few different ideas that I was tossing around in my head, but needed something pretty (to Instagram, duh!) & full of color to get everyone out of their winter slump! I figured the other neighbors would bring dips or heavier items, so I decided to go with more of a dessert item. NO surprise there, if you know me at all! I have such a sweet tooth 😉

I’ve been using the Nestlé® Coffee-mate® The Cheesecake Factory At Home Dulce de Leche Caramel Cheesecake flavor creamer in my morning coffee & to make whipped cream for my iced coffee, so I was running through ideas to use the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor!

After some back & forth with Jordan, we agreed Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Fruit Pizzas would be so cute, delicious, and easy to eat with one hand while we met all of our new neighbors & toasted to warmer weather!

They turned out SO cute and I think these would also be super fun for a kids party or bridal shower as a “Create Your Own” dessert table idea!

I had a blast thinking of ideas for these creamers & would absolutely love to see what y’all could come up with to incorporate these into more than coffee recipes! If you decide to give it a whirl, tag me @MrsSarahFry & use the hashtag #FlavorYourSpring to share your ideas with other creamer lovers & foodie innovators.

Finally, I will present this super secret, highly delicious recipe! All of the ingredients are from Walmart & it was less than $20 for all of the ingredients & tons of fruit left over!

Journey to Nestlé® Coffee-mate® The Cheesecake Factory At Home

Nestlé® Coffee-mate® The Cheesecake Factory At Home Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Fruit Pizzas


(For a thicker topping, you could substitute the whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla for cream cheese and powdered sugar to create more of a frosting! However, I wanted a lighter, more appetizer-esque feel.)

  1. Bake sugar cookies according to directions on package. Let cool!
  2. Cream together whipped cream, sugar, vanilla, drops of red food coloring (for a strawberry cheesecake color, duh!) & Nestlé® Coffee-mate® The Cheesecake Factory At Home Strawberry Cheesecake creamer.
  3. Place whipped topping in refrigerator or freezer for 30 minutes to stay cool & thicken up.
  4. Wash, dry, and cut fruit. Zest lime for topping.
  5. Decorate cookies & ENJOY!

I think it would be SO adorable to cut sugar cookie dough into egg shapes & let kids decorate their “Easter eggs” with fruit & whipped topping for a fun family treat!

These were a hit with my family & friends! Send me your Spring creations & check out this site for more fun ideas!

Love, Sass, & Tasty Treats!

xo Sarah