When I found out I was pregnant, I read tons of these “Baby Faves” lists! Now that I have my own real-life baby, I’ve decided to create my own list for current & future parents to read! I will link as many things as I can so that they are easy to find/purchase as you go!


  • My absolute favorite pajamas are these AngelDear Footed Zip Ups! The zip up feature is SO much easier, especially as baby gets bigger and stronger & won’t hold still for snaps or buttons. The fabric is a bamboo/viscose blend and is terribly soft and snuggly. They also have a TON of stretch so they fit for much longer than typical cotton PJs fit. I linked to Amazon, but know that I have NEVER paid full price for these. I originally found them on the Dillard’s clearance racks in Little Rock & now I only buy them on Zulily or Hautelook when they go on major sale (like $7-$9 a piece)! I am also a mega-fan because of their customer service. We have had probably 10 footies from them and one of the zippers on a first pair started to come out. I emailed the company and they sent me 3 brand new footies and a snuggle blanket in exchange for the “defective” item. They sent me a pre-paid for box and everything!
Warner in a couple of his soft AngelDear Footies!

  • My next baby fave is the Ubbi Diaper Pail. I see moms online go back & forth about whether or not these are necessary & THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE! Regardless of what your babies shit smells like to you, when other people enter your house, it doesn’t “smell sweet” (I have said this countless times!!!!) to them & they aren’t used to the smell. We got the bags that go with it, although the brand promises they aren’t necessary & any bags will work. I just keep it right at the end of the dresser where the changing table is and just drop them in and close the lid afterwards. One of us usually takes the bag out to the garage every other day or so. I think this is well worth the money, especially since Warner has started eating real foods & is having grown man poops- not a smell you want lingering!
We have the same pail in Navy, but it comes in tons of colors and they make covers for them, too!
  • My mother-in-love put the OogieBear in Warner’s Christmas stocking & it has been such a help! I use it to get little crusty spots and wax out of his ears & to pull out stubborn boogies. (HOW GLAMOROUS IS MY LIFE, YOU GUYS?!?!?!) I have been getting the OogieBear for every baby shower and baby gift ever since! I also use the NoseFrieda almost every single morning because Small Fry gets so stuffy at night, especially with the spring allergies creeping in. He screams bloody murder, but can breathe/nurse SO much better afterwards.
So necessary for stubborn boogers!
  • This Gerber Single Grain Cereal was the first food we ever gave Warner & we continue to give it to him almost daily! It is the perfect compliment to my breastmilk & 2 servings provides him with 90% of his daily iron needs. I mix mine with breastmilk & I am able to thicken it as he gets older.
    Warner’s first food- Gerber Cereal!

    We have recently started mixing it with applesauce or avocados to sneak in some healthy fats, too!!! It is non-GMO, BPA free, contains no artificial colors or flavors & ensures he is getting plenty of vitamins & nutrients his little body needs to become the smartest, strongest, most handsome man on the planet. Okay, well at least to grown up healthy; maybe his mom is partial! I rotate different Gerber foods with him now that he is older, but still mix in the cereal with other foods or use it to make other baby snacks with!

    As you can see, we are forever a Gerber family!

    Have a baby of your own or know a baby that might wanna try their own cereal?! Here is a coupon from me (fine, from Gerber) to you!

  • This is a must-have registry item! The Dohm Sound Machine is such a lifesaver!!!!! We have used it every single day since the day we got home from the NICU. It is super lightweight so it’s easy to travel with, but makes an array of different “whooshing” sounds to drown out noise for baby. Warner usually goes down around 7:30 and we are typically in the kitchen and living room much later than that. I can run the vacuum, play music, microwave stuff, etc. and he never wakes from noise. I was always catching the mail man at the door to avoid any doorbell rings, but I missed the FedEx and UPS trucks a couple of times and realized Warner can’t even hear the doorbell over the sound machine! I LOVE THIS THING!
Super compact and easy to travel with!
  • Another item I get many people for baby showers & gifts is the Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit. I was so worried about bringing Warner home after 98 days in the NICU. I had read so much about babies getting anxiety without all of the beeping and noises and being in a completely new environment. I ordered this thinking that the heaviness of it would ease some of his anxiety about being away from the only room he had ever known. I actually had 3 of these because he was still in the “blowout” phase and they got dirty quick! He wore them every night for a few months and they were such a relief for both of us. As soon as I put him in it he would start to drift off. Once Warner started to roll over during naps I stopped putting him in the suit because I assumed he wanted to be able to roll around to the most comfortable position for himself! I wish they made these in my size!
We had 3 different sizes- this was when he first came home & he wore the 3-6 month!
  • My dad (Warner’s G-Daddy!) got him this Jungle Exersaucer for Christmas and it is such a LIFESAVER! As I am sure many moms can attest to, sometimes I just want a few minutes to sit and drink my coffee without being touched. I just plop him in this with a couple of rice rusk snacks & let him play. He is content & I get a few, much needed, minutes of relief. It has 3 different height levels and at each level he has been able to reach more of the toys and keep himself occupied! He also loves to just relax in it and watch the Roomba buzz around or watch TV. It’s a little bit of an investment piece, but last for a pretty long time & I often see them for sale on Facebook Marketplace if you want one for cheap or want to sell yours after your baby outgrows it.

  • Last but not least, the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. Warner’s Mimi got this for him while he was in the NICU. It has sweet ocean noises and the sea creatures move around and light up. He fell asleep to it every night in the hospital & we put it right onto the side of his crib when he finally got to come home. I turn it on before naps and bedtime and it turns off on its’ own. I love that he is familiar with it and now he is able to reach up and turn it on on his own by pressing the orange star!

Sleeping with the Sea Dreams Soother on at ACH!

I’ve included as many items as possible in the widget below, plus some of our other must haves! What are your favorite baby items?! Any suggestions for first birthday presents or summer ideas?! I love anything on Amazon or on sale, so let me know what you couldn’t live without! Don’t forget to get your coupons here!