I am SO excited to have the opportunity to share this cause with you all through a partnership with Huggies®! As soon as I received the email about this campaign, I knew I wanted to become involved. Can you believe that 1 in 3 families lack access to diapers? When thinking about this, I reverted back to my Child Psych college classes. I wondered what a babies’ “Hierarchy of Needs” looked liked and assumed diapering had to be at the top of the list. I was right! Aside from sleep (duh!) and food, diaper changes are included as one of the 3 most important “needs” for a child.

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Many of you know my personal story about Warner being in the NICU for his first 98 days of life. One of the things that our experience made me realize, is that I missed nearly 4 months of waking up with my son multiple times a night to feed him or comfort him. For this reason, I have never let him “cry it out” without making sure he was comfortable and all of his essential needs were met. Now, Warner typically sleeps through the night, but occasionally, he does wake up crying. If he doesn’t fall back asleep with a minute or so, I go to check on him. I always nurse him, but at his current age, he usually wakes up because his diaper is full! By full, I mean he has a soiled diaper or he has peed SO much that the diaper is bulging or leaking. Babies are aware of these things and let us know whether or not they are comfortable! Can you imagine not being able to provide a clean, dry diaper for your child when they were crying? Can you imagine being a new parent and worrying about when and where you’d be able to secure one of your childs most basic necessities?

I was so sad and shocked to learn that a third of all babies are struggling with a fresh diaper change, something my family takes for granted. Diapers are expensive, but I have some exciting news about what we can do to help! From now until April 29, any purchase of Huggies® diapers at Walgreens or Walgreens.com triggers a donation of a day’s worth of diapers to a family in need. With our help, Huggies and Walgreens will donate 1.5 million diapers and 250,000 wipes nationwide to the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN)! This is a necessity for our babies and, this month, we have the opportunity to help out SO many other less fortunate babies, simply by purchasing something we already need!

I decided to purchase a pack of diapers a few sizes up for when Warner is a little bigger (our store was sold out of his size)! I am doing a giveaway on my Instagram (@MrsSarahFry) for new parents or soon-to-be parents, but if you’re not in either of those groups, please think about checking out your local Walgreens and supporting this cause. Attending a baby shower soon!? DIAPERS!!!! (From Walgreens!!!) Have you recently run out of diapers, but use a different brand? Why not give Huggies® a shot AND provide diapers for a baby in need while doing so. No babies in your life at all, but just want to do a random act of kindness? Buy some Huggies® & take them to a local children’s shelter. All donations will go to the National Diaper Bank Network!

I love this cause so much & couldn’t believe the statistics associated with it. Let me know in the comments if you purchase diapers this month from Walgreens; I’d love to give you a shoutout on my Instagram. Also, don’t forget to check out my page for a giveaway!