So, over the past few months, I have gradually began to feed Warner more and more solids. For 1-2 meals a day, he now eats what we eat, unless it’s too spicy or hard! I still nurse him 6-8 times a day and feed him purees when it’s convenient! Sometimes I will just take 2-4 fruit or veggie purees if we are heading out for lunch somewhere or if I don’t want him to make a mess of himself! Thankfully, he still lets me spoon feed him; I have read many babies will refuse the spoon once they start self-feeding. Luckily for Jordan and me, Warner is not picky. I am going to share some of Warner’s favorite foods & a coupon for the top items: here!!!!! 

We started out mixing a small amount of Gerber® baby cereal with breastmilk when he was about 5.5 months old and spoon feeding it to him out of a bowl. We slowly added in puffs, rice rusk teethers, and small cereals over the next month or two. By 7 months, we introduced Stage 1 and Stage 2 Foods (as labeled on the Gerber® packaging). He LOVES eating and I think having a full tummy allowed him to start sleeping longer periods. Now, at 10 months, I still sneak in purees at least once a day and I think he welcomes the break from feeding himself. He has been sleeping through the night; typically 10-11 hours and my sanity is slowing coming back. I still nurse him in the morning, before/after naps, before bed, and at night if he does happen to wake. Since I had so many other mamas ask what I’ve been feeding Warner, I took a few photographs over the past week to show you guys! He does not have teeth, so I am still chopping everything into (hopefully) un-chokeable size pieces, especially if he can’t gum it down a bit (ex. Meats)!

Simple lunch consisting of turkey and cheese, strawberries, and broccoli. I will typically do a microwavable bag of frozen veggies and use it over the course of 3-4 days!
Meat and cheese tortellini, banana, and broccoli with cheese. Since bananas can cause constipation, I usually feed him Gerber pureed prunes beforehand!
Spinach and cheese scrambled eggs with salt and pepper, strawberries, and blueberries!
Chicken, Avocado, and Rice, with green beans, and cantaloupe.

I HIGHLY recommend the suction cup plates, as my Prince recently started flipping his plate onto the ground once he was all finished eating (EYE ROLL & “NO!!!!!” screamed across the kitchen)! He still tries to do it with the suction cup plates, but can’t get them off. That doesn’t keep him from staring me in the eyes and smiling while he tries- such a sass… must get that from Jordan 😉

When I was pregnant, I assumed I would make my own baby foods. When Warner seemed ready, I tried to make applesauce, puree sweet potatoes, and avocado. All three were major fails and, as you can see, ended in complete meltdowns. SO, I swallowed my pride and bought a cart full of Gerber® fruits and veggies. Of course, they are actually smooth and delicious, unlike my chunky attempts. Long story short, now he eats Gerber® purees or pouches & we are both satisfied. He gets all natural fruits & veggies & I don’t have to waste my precious time slaving over a hot stove (or however homemade baby food is made) in the name of Super-Momming.

These Gerber® 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot look like homemade, taste like homemade, and are textured just like homemade, yet I don’t have to do any work & Warner inhales them! I love the carrots because veggies are a little more work to actually homemake since they typically need to be cooked first. 

Big shoutout to Gerber for sponsoring this post & making just like homemade purees for my Prince at a low cost. Here is a coupon (up to 4 can be used at once!!!!) for your little babes and below are some of my other favorite mealtime items for baby.

Also, if you have any tricks to keep a wild baby occupied while you’re preparing their meal, let me know in the comments!

Love & sass,