Hi Friends (& hopefully friends’ husbands/baby daddies),

So, as a new mom myself, I decided to share some gift ideas for Mother’s Day for the new mom in YOUR life! This list is filled with items I have and love myself OR would be delighted to receive. This list has been approved by other mamas, too! I will also be doing a Father’s Day addition with input from Jordan, so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future 😉

In no particular order, I will dive right in! I have tried to include links to each item or a widget with different options for quick purchasing!

Bath Items- Bombs/Bubble Bath/Bath Caddy/etc. – I am recently obsessed with all things bath time. I put Warner to bed, prop up my iPad and watch something on Netflix, pour a bottle of wine, & don’t have to worry about anyone but myself. This is SO important with a baby & I have really started to enjoy quiet time! (Please make sure the mama you’re buying for has a bathtub before deciding on this gift.) A gift basket with face masks, bubble bath, bath bombs, wine, and a bath caddy is the PERFECT gift for the mom that craves some “me time”. I have linked my personal favorite bath items and included more in the widget below!

Child’s Name Jewelry – Ugh, I LOVE these; especially the rings! I have been seeing them more and more & I think it’s such a sweet sentiment. I love that they are dainty and small and can be stacked if you have multiple children. I saw an ad for this brand, GLDN, on Instagram and love all of their jewelry and it’s super reasonably priced, too. Also, so much less permanent than a tattoo, for those that want to always have a piece of their family on them, but aren’t into needles!
Monthly Subscription Boxes- My grandma recently sent me a few months of the Mommy Mailbox and I LOVED it! It’s so fun to get a surprise package every month with a variety of goodies. There are SO many of these subscription services and they all get rave reviews. Birchbox, Ipsy, and Sephora’s Play! box are all awesome options for makeup. This bath bomb subscription would be awesome to put in a bath basket, as mentioned above, and, if you have a hefty budget, this Wine of the Month Club would really dazzle some of the moms I know!
A Big Mom Tote – My angel husband showed up with this big, wonderful Coach tote last fall and I am OBSESSED with it. It holds all of my normal purse items, plus baby snacks, toys, pacifiers, diapers, and wipes! If I am just running in somewhere for a few minutes and don’t want to take my diaper bag, I can quickly throw everything I might need into this gorgeous tote & we are all set! I am personally a mega-fan of the leather Coach bags; I swoon over the quality and it’s a fairly reasonable price. If you/baby mama aren’t Coach-obsessed, there are PLENTY of other options- here are a few other options I have heart eyes for!
Jewelry- Alright, this goes without saying, for the most part. I never thought I would be a jewelry snob, but ever since Jordan proposed I dream about just being COVERED in jewels. I would probably choose diamonds over any other gift- even something worth the same amount or more. Quality pieces will literally last forever and they can be passed down through families, which I LOVE! As some of you might know, Jordan incorporated part of my moms wedding ring into my engagement ring and it is truly priceless for me. I wear a small diamond ring from my grandma that was given to her from her dad when she was younger and I cherish it so much, too. I just love that they have no other purpose other than being beautiful and shiny and, for most people, incredibly meaningful! They don’t have to be ridiculous or massive or overpriced, either. Brilliant Earth has an “Under $250” page with lots of beautiful pieces and a couple of the items below are under $50…. and some are lavish and we can dream, right?!
Manicure Kit- My Mother-in-law gave me this Red Carpet Ready manicure kit nearly 5 years ago and I use it monthly! It is SO much cheaper than going to a salon to get a mani/pedi and lasts just as long, if not longer! Since I don’t work anymore, i don’t feel the need to get bi-weekly mani/pedis, but I still like for my nails to be painted. It takes a little practice, but would be perfect for a busy mama in your life. I ended up getting one for my sister for her birthday because I loved mine so much.

Amope – This is another must have item that I use with my manicure kit above. Jordan brought me the Pedi Perfect, the Electronic Nail Care system, and the moisturizer and I use all three anytime I do my nails! The moisturizer is INSANE and life changing and the Pedi Perfect works as well as those brushes at a salon, but doesn’t overdo it and cause pain- PLUS you know it is only being use on your OWN feet- YAY! We ordered the items & refills on Walmart.com and when writing this, I saw a couple of the items were on rollback so they are a crazy price right now, too! This would be another great “gift basket” idea and would combine well with the items above!
Breastmilk Jewelry- Okay, so this is a more interesting item, but I love the idea of it! These companies can take breastmilk, hair, ashes, etc. and use a small amount to create a keepsake jewelry piece. I think it is such a cool idea, especially if you’re like me and obsessed with breastfeeding. Sometimes I just stare in amazement at Warner and realize that, not only did Jordan and I create this perfect person, but that I have been able to sustain him on simply breastmilk alone for a portion of his life. I realize not everyone is on the same page about breastfeeding or able to do it for some reason, but if you know a new mama that is super intrigued with it, this is a really cool gift idea. I stumbled across BeyondTheWillowTree on Instagram and love seeing all of the keepsakes they are able to create with breastmilk and DNA.
Have any ideas for Mother’s Day must-haves?! Share in the comments below or share this for someone in your life that needs some ideas!