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Hi, Friends!

I have teamed up with Hiland Dairy to create the cutest Thanksgiving DIYs using what’s leftover after after prepping those big Turkey Day meals. Most of us are already using butter, half and half, & heavy whipping cream in many of our meals & desserts, so I thought, why not recycle those leftover materials & spread a little cheer!

Finished gift box!

Before I get carried away, Hiland is giving one reader a chance at $300 towards your Thanksgiving meal & that link is HERE & it’s super easy to enter! (I thought this was so sweet & for those that are lucky enough not to worry about affording a meal with your families, I recommend using the winnings to surprise a family or two in need with a huge Thanksgiving supper; PAY IT FORWARD!)

I tried to think of some crafty ways to use items I had on hand to create some small gifts to give to our Mailman and Trash Delivery workers the week of Thanksgiving. While I am never up early enough to see the Trash truck- I am thankful for them & their service! On the other hand, I LOVE my mailman! He is so sweet & works so hard. We have cat food and litter delivered monthly and the boxes are extremely heavy. He noticed I would leave them on the front porch because I couldn’t carry them inside, so now he rings the doorbell & offers to drop them off inside the door for me. SUCH A THANKSGIVING ANGEL, AMIRITE? I know these professions aren’t technically supposed to accept gifts, but I still wanted to make a couple of small treats to them let know we recognize them & are grateful for what they do!

So, I whipped up a couple of CUTE AF “Stovetop Potpourri” gift bags using my empty Hiland Dairy containers & I am thrilled with how darling they turned out. I feel like I am going to use the gift bag idea for EVERYTHING & all the holidays.

First off, the Hiland Stovetop Potpourri box!Ā 

This seriously took me 5 minutes to make & I am obsessing over how it turned out.

Items needed:

  • 1 empty Hiland Dairy container (Quart size) – *SIDE NOTE. PLEASE WASH CONTAINER OUT IMMEDIATELY. IT WILL SMELL SOUR IF IT SITS ON THE COUNTER FOR 3 DAYS BEFORE CRAFT. I am speaking from experience šŸ˜‰ But I washed out with dish soap & water & all is swell.*
  • Construction Paper in a few themed colors
  • Glue/Hot Glue
  • Hole Punch/Knife/Scissors for bow holes
  • Ribbon
  • Pen
  • (For the actually potpourri, I include a small orange, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks)

Here are some pictures of the process- please let me know if you have any questions!

Please wash out your carton šŸ™‚
Use scissors or a knife to cup off the top portion of the container, as shown in image above.

Fold in two sides of the open portion to create this shape.
Measure the approximate height of the container on construction paper and cut.
Open up the folded portions of the Hiland box and glue the cut paper onto the box.
Use a hole punch or sharp object to make holes in the top for the ribbon!
Once you have placed your potpourri mix in the box, slip a ribbon into the holes!
Decorate the from of the box with a note explaining about to use the potpourri! I hole punched a couple of faux leaves and slid them onto the ribbon before tying a bow.

Seriously folks, that’s all! Super easy & isn’t this precious? My mind is flooding with ideas now!

I do have another DIY completed, but I will post that in a few days since this is a little long. PLEASE tag me in your Hiland dairy recipes & DIYs & don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a Thanksgiving meal!Ā 

As always, thanks for reading & supporting me- love you all V much!

Love, Sass, & Crafts,