I know what a lot of you are thinking: “What’s there to share? Jordan is more than just a pretty face”?
You guys- he’s the full package; beauty AND brains!
So, first, I’ll share a quick version of our love story. Many of you know the background, so feel free to FF through this portion of the story unless you need a refresh.
In August of 1996, my family was living in a neighborhood in Ozark, MO when Jordan’s family moved in right across the street. He is the oldest of 3 boys & I am the oldest of 3 girls. We all became fast friends. We spent summers in the backyard in the pool, winters building snow-forts, and school nights with my mom yelling “call Jordan for help with your math homework”.
After a couple of years, Jordan told my sister, Emily, that he had a secret to tell her and he would give her $2 not to tell me. She agreed. Jordan told his secret and went back to his house. Moments later, Emily comes to share a secret with me: “Jordan told me he likes you”.
Um, what? I sashayed over to the Fry house, let myself in and approached Jordan in their playroom: “Emily told me what you said – I DON’T like you back”.
Stone cold bitch, right? I would have drop kicked me if I were him. Jordan silently went to his room and I stayed in the playroom playing pinball. Then Jordan’s dad came in and told me “you’ve really hurt Jordan’s feelings” and I. Was. Mortified.
I guess we got through that encounter eventually. A few years later, my family moved across town. Our moms were best friends, so we saw one another frequently and we went to the same school, although Jordan was a couple of grades above me. We all had lunch together on the last day of school every year and we continued this tradition until all of us graduated high school.
Throughout college, Jordan would periodically reach out on Facebook and we would chat for awhile and then he would ask me to dinner or something and I would ghost him. Again, what a B! I did actually hang out with him once at his fraternity house and an important snippet of convo from that evening was that he told me to avoid being hungover, he would “take two Tylenol and drink two bottles of water”. When he tells the story he ends this evening by walking me outside, where I “ran to my car and waved goodbye- no hug or anything”.
Then, after Jordan had graduated college, I went to a party as his fraternity house with a few friends. Typical college frat party- lots of booze, loud music, and sweaty college kids grinding. Low & behold, one of Jordan’s friends had convinced him to return to the fraternity for the night & I ran into him. We hugged, chatted for a few minutes, & then parted ways. I made it home somehow and text Jordan saying “I just took Tylenol and I’m drinking two bottles of water”. We continued to text for a few hours and he eventually told me that we always should have been together.
Well, the timing must have been right, because BOOM, I fell in love with Jordan Fry. After years of neglect, I finally gave him a shot & now, nearly 9 years later, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. He likes to remind me that if I had “given him a shot, we could have been together for over 20 years now” hahaha!
My 21st Birthday. Two months into dating!
So, for our 8th Valentines together, here are a few of my favorite J Fry snippets & some past #ShitJFrySays moments.
Scolding me.
  • once when I was visiting him in Arkansas while we were dating, I was watching The Kardashians on tv & Jordan came in from work & asked “Have you ever thought about watching something educational”? LOL- I was PISSED!
NYE 2012!
  • I have never, not once in our marriage, emptied the cats litter box. Jordan does it. 
  • I have a phobia of people vomiting, so when Warner is throwing up(which he does often) – he tells me “I’ve got this” to do something to take your mind off of it” & I basically wanna marry him all over again.

  • When we were dating long distance, he got me my first Coach purse for Christmas. In February, for my birthday, he got me the matching wallet. Pretty sweet, right? Yes, but to top it off, he filled the wallet with hundreds of tiny pieces of paper, listing the “reasons why he loved me” & told me whenever I was missing him or feeling lonely to pull a few out and read them. SWOON AF, right?
Holding the wallet full of love notes!
  • Every single night, I ruin the bed. I kick the sheets over to his side, turn the comforter sideways and hog it, and push that middle blanket to the floor. Every evening, usually before I get to bed, he remakes the bed. Such a silent, sweet act of kindness.
  • I’ve talked about this before, but it’s still the greatest gift Jordan will give me in our lifetime. He works his ass off and allows me to stay home with our son.
  • I had a favorite lipstick from MAC called Damn Glamorous. I was getting low and went to buy another and they told me it was discontinued 🙁 I had long since forgotten the lipsticks, but months later, Jordan gave me two new “Damn Glamorous” lipsticks that he had found on EBAY!
  • Our very first argument Jordan called me a baby & when I got mad he replied “you are a baby. You’re the biggest baby I’ve ever met and I’m not going to be afraid to call my own girlfriend a baby” hahaha!
He took me to an EDM concert & I was obsessed!
  • As many of you know, my mom died when I was 13. Jordan knew her well since we were neighbors growing up. On July 5, 2012, Jordan proposed in Destin, FL. After we had called and told friends & family, Jordan showed me pictures of him “asking my dad if he could marry me” and then told me he went to the cemetery & asked my mom, too. I melted ♥️
The photo of Jordan asking my dad to marry me!

  • After Warner was born & he finally started pooping, Jordan walks into the NICU, rubs his hands together, & asks the nurse to “show him how it’s done” since it was the first diaper he had ever changed!
Rubbing my back during labor!
When we were newly dating & not quite using the “L word” yet, I told him that I liked him more than I had ever loved anyone. Now, I love him more than I could have ever fathomed. He has all of the qualities I never knew I needed or wanted in a husband & then some and I still thank my little baby 23 year old self for marrying so far up! He is funny in a way that ONLY Jordan Fry could be & I am so lucky that I am the person he chooses to be his authentic self with. He loves & takes care of Warner and I so tenderly, even though we can both get a little whiney and annoying sometimes. He listens (like really listens!) to me when I’m frustrated or need something from him & does everything in his power to keep me content in our life together. Jordan is trustworthy, he is patient, & he is endlessly kind & caring towards others. I’ve seen him give money to those less fortunate than we are. He will sit with me on the curb in our neighborhood for hours while I am trying to coax homeless kittens into my arms (to no avail). He never complains when I take too long to get ready or need to stop and use the bathroom 4 times during a two hour car ride. Jordan will eat meals I make with sour cream and mushrooms, even though he hates them, because he knows I like to try new recipes. He always remembers my moms birthday and the anniversary of her death & will often bring me treats or flowers on those days. Jordan is always supportive of any new hobbies and crafts I want to try, even when our Hobby Lobby charges add up to more than a car payment some months. He loves my sisters as his own & would do anything to help them be happy & successful.
Jordan is the hardest worker I have ever known! He works hard at his job & pushes himself to be the most brilliant employee he can be. He works hard in our marriage & as Warner’s daddy & is always stepping up to help me when I am feeling overwhelmed by motherhood.
He has loved me through childbirth, sickness, weight gain, bangs, wedding planning, long distance dating, lip piercings, hormonal imbalances, feathers in my hair, and terrible outfit choices.
Warner & I couldn’t be luckier to have him as our Valentine! Happy Love Day to the best man I know!
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